While the backpack is trendy and widely acceptable in the workplace, it may not be the most fitting for all female new hires.  With embroidery and fulfillment in-house, we are able to easily help facilitate a tote for female new hires. 

Phone Accessories

An absolute must have for every business professional is a custom phone accessories. Your new hires go everywhere with their phone and so should your brand.

Custom USB

Go green and eliminate the use of paper. Pre-load and create a custom USB personalized for each new hire.

Employee training manuals, Employment contract, Safety procedures, Company resource map, and anything else important for your new hire to have.


Your new hires are going to be eager and ready to learn, create a nice Journal for them to capture and take all necessary notes needed to thrive in the real business world. Talk to your project manager about including your company core values on the opening page.

Headphones & Speakers

Everyone loves listening to something while working, whether its their favorite music or catching up on the latests podcasts, heres some top selling Headphone & Speaker options.


Help show your business is fun when in the sun! If you’ve got a laid back, fun loving culture, welcome your new hires with some new cool shades.

Joseph Sommer