Our goal is to be an extension of our brand or team, and help you create a buzz at your next trade show. Why go and exhibit, spend thousands and thousands of dollars, if you’re not going to make a splash or generate a buzz.

It’s all about getting eyes on your product and people to your booth learning more about your business, product and services. We’ve come up with a few kick ass ideas to help you be the life of the party and draw the longest lines.



Get prospects flocking to your both with free popcorn. Renting a popcorn machine is easy and effective tradeshow marketing starts with investing in your booth!

Making branded popcorn boxes is even easier with Whitestone Branding.

We’ll help you design a totally custom popcorn box and all you have to do is start handing them out to all who stop by your booth. People are going to asking and talking all over the trade show floor, “ where can I get popcorn too?!”

A clever idea is to include your booth number in the design, so prospects start referring other prospects to your booth. Hands down, this idea will attract a following.

Life of the Party!

Bring the Party to Your Booth with Margaritas!

Make the most out of the convention and get the party started with a custom Margaritta Marchine.

We’ll help you make take home custom margarita glasses so everyone will remember the good times, long after the convention doors have closed.

This will for sure create the longest line! Be sure to staff enough sales people to greet and meet people waiting online for their tasty drink.

Stand Out!

Engage people with humor! We’ve seen businesses own a tradeshow floor with walking billboards! Custom mascots allow your brand to be in many places all at one time.

Create a custom hashtag, and start taking photos with everyone!

Leave behind a business card and an incentive to post their photos online using your hashtags and the tradeshows.

Everyone will remember your brand and creativity. Learn more about creating custom mascots with Whitestone Branding today.


You want to engage with your prospects and do something different to attract their attention. Play a game and give out prizes to the winner.

Create with Whitestone a custom branded basketball hoop or inflatable football target and ask people to take their best shot!

Winners get swag! And losers get to learn more about your product ;-) Win win for everyone!

Guaranteed to draw a crowd and start a looong line.

Joseph Sommer