Come on dooowwwwnnn!!!!  We all dreamt of having Bob Barker call our name on The Price Is Right. Or at least I did when I was staying home sick from school.  Spinning the wheel on the show was something I always wanted the chance to do. Most Americans remember watching that show and thinking the same thing.  How cool it would be to spin the wheel for awesome prizes!

Next time your brand plans on giving away swag at a tradeshow, festival or any other event, let us help you create that memorable moment for someone.

The Prize Wheel is an awesome addition to any campaign and is guaranteed to help create a a memorable experience between your brand and your target market.

This fun technique is cost effective and can be used at small or large events!  

Not only are promotional products one of the most memorable marketing techniques at your disposal but if you combine it with a fun one of a kind experience the likelihood of brand remembrance increases greatly.

Remember, don't just give away promo... make it an EXPERIENCE!

Joseph Sommer