Minimal Is Best:

When creating your logo the best thing to remember is "Keep it simple, Keep it smart". You want your logo to stand out and set your company apart from the rest, but this shouldn't mean tons of colors and complex images and pictures. In fact the most identifiable logos are 1 - 2 colors and simple shapes that convey the brands overall message.


Steer away from gradients and high color counts, when putting your logo on products. The color amount you use can greatly increase your costs as well as the quality of your branded products. Simple 1 to 2 color logos create can create a distinct visual that can be easily identified and unique to your brand.


Color Psychology, Choose Wisely:

Color is one of the most important aspects when creating your logo. Every color conveys a different feeling and can prompt a customer to make a positive assumption about your brand without knowing anything at all about your company other than seeing your logo. Below we will identify different colors and what they represent.



Red conveys a sense of excitement and boldness, it also gives a sense of youthfulness.


Blue gives a feeling of trust and strength. Blue is used a lot by financial institutions for this very reason.



Green conveys an organic feeling, normally associated with healthiness or the outdoors.

Purple & Pink:


Pink and purple convey fun and creativeness. Notice that orange and yellows compliment purple well. Purple and pink also express imaginativeness and fantasy.

Blacks & Greys:

Blacks are a bold choice. It conveys a sense of balance and neutralness.



Orange is inviting and friendly, with its warm tone it also gives the viewer a warm feeling.



Yellow provides a feeling a of clarity and optimism.



Some companies choose to march to their own beat. Some of the most iconic and recognizable brands choose to use the full spectrum of colors.


Subliminal Messaging Through Your Logo:

Subliminal messaging is another great approach to making your logo stand out. See below the 3 examples of 1-2 color logos with some subliminal additions added to their artwork.


Fedex, if you notice where the E and X meet, it creates an arrow pointing forward. Drive home the concept that they ship fast and reliable. Amazon, if you notice the smile under the logo is also an arrow pointing from A to Z. Relating back to their company message "We ship everything from A to Z". Baskin Robbins, if you look in the B and R you will notice part of the letters are colored in pink - showing 31, Baskin Robbins of course is best known for their 31 flavors of ice cream.

Joseph Sommer